Your Elite CrossFit coaches have dialed in a nutrition challenge running 5/20/17-7/14/17. The workshop will cover a variety of nutrition and exercise topics as well as the challenge. This format is great as it has lots of online resources as well as an app for those participating. It's $39 if you register early. The workout will be programmed for all classes on 5/22/17 but athletes may perform the workout at any time during Open Gym beginning 5/20/17.
This is a great way to get not only your nutrition dialed, but you overall health and wellness. The structure and accountability will enable all who participate to be set up for more long term success. Whether your goal is health, body composition improvements or increased work capacity, this is for you!

The “WLC” is an 8 week program with 3 different levels of nutrition based on how serious you want to be.  If you are just looking for help cutting out a few things, you can go in as “beginner”. For more information read more about it below and watch the video!

Tracking all this is as easy as using your iPhone, yup…they’ve got an App for that.


A) Snatch Max in 15' 

B) Helen 

3 Rounds for Time 

400m Run 

21 KB Swings 

12 Pull Ups

*Run may be subbed with a 500m row