Becca Maruquin


B.S Kinesiology University of Texas at Austin

Certifications and Specialty Courses

Crossfit Level 1  (CF-L1)

Favorite Wod

Mary.. I love me some gymnastics..just not muscle ups :)

Favorite Movement

Oly Lifts! plus some OHS


I am born, and for the most part raised in Texas! Since a young age, I have always played soccer year round until after high school, when I then decided to continue my family's tradition of going to the University of Texas at Austin. It was during college I tried out my first Crossfit class, and since day one I fell in love and haven't stopped since. About two years ago, I moved to San Antonio, and started my chapter of life with Elite Crossfit, and haven't looked back since. I love being able to shape people's life for the healthier, plus our members are the best!