POSITION: Elite CrossFit Coach
LOCATION: Elite CrossFit and Elite CrossFit North
HOURS: Part-Time                                


The role of the coach is to recognizing & teaching efficient human movement. They work with athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite competitors. Elite coaches easily connect with a wide variety of people and are effective in helping them reach their full potential. An Elite coach is a role model for a balanced, healthy lifestyle and a trusted advisor for health inquiries. He/she is involved with and well respected in the local community.


Under the direction of the Owner of ELITE CROSSFIT and in collaboration with other trainers, contractors, employees or directors of ELITE CROSSFIT you will:

  • Scout, enroll clients, prepare and implement individualized training strategies for them; 
  • Scope, prepare and execute group training sessions within or outside ELITE CROSSFIT's training premises based on market demands for group training
  • Invoice clients, collect monies and email receipts to clients
  • Assist in the booking of clients by answering phone calls coming to ELITE CROSSFIT's phone line, including messages coming by fax. 
  • Assist in maintaining, cleaning, and resupplying consumables for the facility.  
  • Assist in the promotional endeavors of ELITE CROSSFIT through group participation, public speaking, and delivery of promotional materials.
  • Operate and oversee ELITE CROSSFIT as an attendant as scheduled.

*Crossfit Level One Certification Preferred


Elite CrossFit provides excellent compensation packages for its employees and contractors. The compensation offered is based on several factors including years of experience and overall expertise.