Private and Personalized

By running private or semi-private Fundamentals, we ensure the absolute most attention to each of our new clients.

This is imperative because each new client will come to us with their own goals, strengths and limitations and in a group beginner process, none of those can be addressed.

In a private model, we can spend time on the things you personally need, allowing you to adequately prepare for a safe transition to our group classes as fast as possible.

Your Comfort In Mind

We get it.  There’s many aspects to starting CrossFit that might be intimidating.  Our private Fundamentals is meant to strip all of that away.

Working directly with your Coach for Life, you will learn all the movements, concepts, and terminology of CrossFit in a comfortable failure-free setting.

Once you and your coach feel confident you can progress to group, that’s when you go.



At Your Pace, On Your Time

While group beginner classes will make you attend a beginner class at set times during the day (with generally limited availability), our private Fundamentals is structured around you.  Being able to schedule time to see your coach based on mutual availability leads to more flexibility in training time.

Similarly, group beginner classes run with a set schedule in terms of the materials you learn.  There is no flexibility in that model to spend additional time working on things you need more attention to.   With out Fundamentals, we are afforded the ability to focus on the things you need the most attention to.



Graduate Prepared For Group Class

We make sure you’re prepared for group before you step foot into it.

Nearing the end of your Fundamentals time, you coach will review with you all of the key movements you have learned.

They will also discuss with you what a first day in group will look like and go over all your options on how to handle workouts that contain movements that are beyond your level.