When I first decided to join Crossfit in November of 2014, I had a plethora of critics coming from many angles. Some said, “You’re going to get hurt.” Others said, “It’s too intense for you. Are you sure you want to put yourself through that torture?” The one critic that stood out, though, was one that came from within me. In my mind, the thought was “You can’t do this.”

I began Crossfit at Elite because my outward appearance was not where I wished it would be. I was unable to be happy with myself due to flaws I saw in my body and a lack of self-confidence in my appearance. It took all of the reasoning and strength within myself to step into Elite and sign up for Fundamentals.

On my first day of Fundamentals, I was highly intimidated by all of the athletes performing their daily WOD consisting of different movements such as kipping pull ups, kettle bell swings, snatches and burpees. I began to have the negative thought “You can’t do this” creep up in the back of my mind. But, as soon as the thought came through my mind, it was vanquished by the words “You can do that one day,” spoken by Coach Brenda. With Coach Brenda’s words, wisdom and dedication to hard work, Fundamentals truly prepared me for the many workouts to come.

Throughout this first year of Crossfit at Elite, I stand a stronger and more confident person. I have discovered that the despondency with myself was not only due to an outward source, but an inner source as well. Crossfit has taught me to push through any obstacle, whether it be a difficult WOD, or grief within my everyday life. It has given me strength not only on a physical level, but on a mental and spiritual level as well. I am now able to exhume self-confidence both on the outside and on the inside. And the results I see within myself grow and bloom each day I step into the box.

Elite has also brought me to befriend many new people. Each and every athlete strives to better one another during each workout. Negative words and thoughts are left outside of the box by every athlete; only positive encouragement and attitudes are brought inside. This positive mindset leads to celebrations and corroboration with one another when attaining a new “PR,” performing a “RX” workout, or even when finishing a difficult WOD before the time cap.

The coaches are also what make Elite truly one of a kind. Each and every coach aids you in aspiring and achieving your goals during each workout. Whether it be a regular class, power lifting, or Oly class, the coaches insist that you strive for greatness in the safest and most efficient way possible. Coach Brenda, Coach Leilani, Coach Adam, Coach Courtney, Coach Bethany and Coach Kelley have all assisted me in gaining confidence in myself while pushing me through a tough workout—they are true inspirations to me and to many of my fellow athletes at Elite.

From the first day I stepped into the box until the present time, I have seen growth and strength in my mind, body and soul. Life has thrown many obstacles in my path, but due to the influence Crossfit has had on me, I can now stand in front of those obstacles and shout “I can do this!"