After starting CrossFit in September 2012 I fell in love with the sport of fitness, not necessarily the box in which I started. After trying different CrossFit gyms, I was disillusioned and even though I had passed the CFL1 in September 2013, I quit and went back to my previous globo gym. In October 2013, I caved in when a friend convinced me to give it one more shot with Elite CrossFit, since it's pretty close to where we both work. After one class, I remembered why I love the sport, why I got my cert, and why I want to coach. Since the end of October, I have continuously gotten stronger, both physically and mentally, and made progress in every aspect of the sport in which I came so close to quitting. Elite welcomes everyone who walks through their front doors with open arms and makes them comfortable in their own skin. In addition to being friendly and welcoming, Elite has some of the most knowledgeable coaches I've ever met or come in contact with. Whenever I have had questions on a movement or skill, the coach was ready with an answer or alternative that I greatly appreciated. For those new to CrossFit or who have never even thought CrossFit was for them, I challenge you to try Elite. Not only will you get great one on one fundamentals teaching, but you will become part of a community committed to its people and the betterment of everyone who walks through its doors.