I started crossfit in August of 2012, I think. The time has gone by really quickly.

The coaches at Elite were extremely knowledgable and this made my decision to join extremely easy. I believe their were two coaches the first time I attended. I actually started in boot camp with Clint and Janelle. This was the best way for me to start. Eventually I progressed to Crossfit.

My least favorite movement is my weakness, pull-ups.

I like that at Elite you know everyone for the most part. The coaches know you, and your strength/weaknesses. They push you to do better, and be better. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn't say that Emily, and Becca are what I like best about Elite. They are real people, and real down to earth women who are extremely relatable. Their honesty is valued. I gained too much weight and it was ridiculous!!! And for that reason, I was slow, winded and unconditioned. Emily told me in a nice way, but I valued her honesty. I was able to bounce back to the place of not being winded, and gasping for air after as little as a 200 meter run.

I knew exactly what I was doing wrong when I gained 35 pounds, I was eating too much junk, and not putting in the necessary amount of work. I didn’t deserve the results. Results take work. I primarily attended Becca and Emily’s classes but, every coach at Elite is passionate. I can go to any class, and any coach at Elite will push you to do better, and somewhat know your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I try, and do rings rows in a coaches class who I don’t regular, it never works. I get stuck doing one pull-up at a time :-( But, I know this makes me better.

Currently I am overcoming a hamstring injury. It has it's challenges. I won't let that stop me along my journey. I feel that there is always something I can do fitness wise despite my injury. Modify, modify, modify!!!

Crossfit has pushed me physically to places I thought were impossible for me. I bounced back from being complacent, and Elite helped me get back to where I needed to be. I could not have accomplished this journey on my own. In my mind and heart I was too lost. I didn’t shed 35 pounds on my own I had assistance for Elite Crossfit. I will always give props were props are do! Crossfit has definitely had a favorable impact on my life. Health starts with fitness.