My husband and I joined Elite in February of 2014. I had attended a USAW cert there about a year earlier and was impressed by the coaches. Our first coach was brenda. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable and I credit her with a lot if my improvement in gymnastics and Olympic lifting. My favorite movement is pull ups. Manny enjoys the powerlifting aspect of crossfit. Since starting crossfit manny has noticed his core and back are much stronger. We both love named wods, our favorites would include DT, Fran and Mary. It's easy to get "addicted" to working out, uou have to make sure you rest appropriately to avoid injury. I have injured both shoulders due to over use. My coaches pointed I was doing too much volume, and now I don't experience any pain. Manny has an old shoulder injury and a plate on his collarbone so he avoids Kipping and does everything strict. When I began my crossfit journey in 2012 I was overweight. After 3 years I'm stronger, faster and in the best shape of my life. Manny and I really enjoy working out together, and he even doesn't mind when I beat him.