Joining Elite Crossfit is the result of a culmination of events. I used to have an active lifestyle but since I separated from the military in 2011, maintaining that lifestyle was difficult. I’d gotten upset with my fitness, my appearance, and how those two factors affected my view on life. In the spring of 2014 I had my first physical since leaving the military which ended with a two alarming results. The doctor explained to me that I was hypertensive, I wasn’t too surprised at this result, and that my cholesterol levels were so far out of acceptable boundaries that she gave me 6 months before she would have to prescribe me cholesterol medication. It was at that point when I finally took a friend up on his recommendation for Elite Crossfit. He introduced me to members, coaches, and Jeremy and shortly after I signed up. 2014 changed dramatically for me from there on out. I lost 20 pounds within the first two months, I found workout styles that I’d not experienced before and my fondness for them, and nearly overnight my daily habits changed. The rest of 2014 and beginning of 2015 are a bit of a blur, I met wonderful people that not only motivated me to better myself, they also kept me accountable for the things that I’d do that weren’t in my best interest. Being Athlete of the Year is much less a reflection on me and more so a reflection on the staff and members that kept and continue to keep me on the path that I started last summer. I’m appreciative of the honor very much and use it as continued motivation to better myself and to help others better themselves.