I started Crossfit 3 years ago as I was about to turn 50 and after my pre-50 physical where my doc informed me I was pre everything and if I didn’t want to start taking pills daily I needed to do something. I started going to a traditional gym but was quickly getting bored and unmotivated. After seeing the Crossfit Games on television I became very excited seeing all the different things that were involved with Crossfit and did some research and found a place that was not only convenient but had a great reputation in the Crossfit community. From my first On-Ramp class with Emily Tucker I was hooked, from that time the Elite community has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. The one thing that impressed me and provided even greater motivation were the coaches I have worked most closely with, Jeremy Tucker and Brenda Ausch. Brenda especially has been extremely motivating, once my skills advanced she encouraged me to begin Olympic Lifting even making the dreaded Snatch my favorite movement and was my coach for my first Olympic Lifting Competition (nobody told me I would have to wear a singlet). Crossfit has also awakened my desire to compete, with the training and encouragement of the coaches I have entered several Crossfit competitions, may not have won any of them but have had a fantastic time in all of them. Crossfit has had a tremendous impact on my life physically and personally, since starting Crossfit I have lost 70 pounds, have an improved attitude that carries over to my professional and personal life, and has renewed my confidence in what I can achieve.

When I started Crossfit I had many people tell me I was too old and that I am going to hurt myself. Well after three years I have had some bumps and bruises and A LOT of sore muscles but nothing that has kept me from my daily activities (and many of my running and cycling friends have had much more serious injuries during this time). Things that surprised me when I started Crossfit was how much mobility I have lost over the years of leading a mostly sedentary life, while some movements can be difficult there is always a way to do a version of the movement for any skill level, how truly supportive the coaches and other members are to each other, and just how much fun it is to share the experience with the other members.