I joined CrossFit about 4 years ago because I wasn’t happy with my appearance, I was out of shape and at risk for diabetes. My first class was the hardest work out that I have ever endured, I was exhausted after the first trial but very happy I finished it. I continued my work out regime at CrossFit and after a month I had noticed great improvements, I had lost weight and improved my work out times gradually through out the course of time, with these positive changes in my life my confidence gave me a great sense of accomplishment. After the first month my coach at the time Cyndie suggested I set goals for myself to improve and so I made a goal to increase my back squats to the weight of my body and by the end of the year I had met that goal proudly. I think what keeps me coming back is the interaction with the people, everyone I work out with I see on a weekly basis and it’s fun to work out with the same folks daily. I think my funniest moment at CrossFit is when I was doing my first front squat and no one told me it was going to be significantly less than my back squat so I loaded the bar up with 250 pounds and failed immediately but my proudest moment is my running since I have flat feet so it hurts to run, with that being said my first mile took me 19 minutes and 45 seconds but after hard training and repetitive work I am now down to 7 minutes and 19 seconds. I continue my work out regimes at CrossFit because I can see the improvements all my hard work has produced through out time and I really enjoy the challenges.