Do you have any nicknames? Coffey/Hot Coffey
Where are you from? Santa Fe, TX
What is your fitness background? Tae Kwon Do....20 years ago!
How long have you been CrossFitting? ~5 months
What made you want to start? Over-packed gyms, friends' success.
What is your favorite part of Elite CrossFit? The people
What progress have you made since joining the gym? I'm stronger, my clothes are baggier, and I sleep better.
What is one thing you would like to improve on over the next few months? This feels like a trap. Like you want me to name a body part or exercise so you can torture me. Nice try! Diet. Final answer.
What advice do you have for people just starting out with CrossFit? Don't give up. If you still have an ego, leave it at the door.
If you could design your own workout for the class to do, what would it be?
  - Burpees
  - Rest 1 minute while clock resets
B) Death by burpees
  - Work your way up and try to beat score from A.

Favorite cheat meal? Local Coffey sells these pop-tarts from Bakery Lorraine that will change your life.
Which is your favorite Fast & Furious movie? Can't beat the original.
Would you rather work out to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber? No.