Pie and I have been married for 35 years and have two children, son Keith Jr., daughter, Lyndsey and 7 grandchildren.  Two grandsons are currently serving in the military.

We are both retired and living La Vida Loca. For the past year we have been planning our daughters October 2017 wedding.  While planning the wedding we decided to work on reducing our weight and get back into shape.

The problem is we are both in our mid sixties and have not worked out in 35 to 40 years. Speaking for myself, over the years my weight ballooned to 360 lbs.  Through only dieting I was able to drop to 278 pounds.  After our 2017 physicals, Pie and I joined Elite Crossfit on January 25, 2017. Since joining Elite Crossfit, in the last four months I have been able to lose an additional 41lbs (237lbs).  As this is still a work in progress, my goal is to weigh 195lbs by my daughter’s wedding day, October 14, 2017. In the same time period Pie has lost 18 lbs.  The only thing that slowed her down was the Texas Two Step which resulted in injury. 

Seeing that we were both dealing with existing physical injuries, it was important to find a gym that could work with people in their 60’s with injuries. We spoke with many gyms and workout facilities we found online, Elite Crossfit being one of them.  We read about Crossfit online and in talking to people, we were worried the workout regiment might be to extreme for people in their sixties.  After listening to our family and friends we decided to call Jeremy and just talk.  After a couple of phone conversations, Jeremy asked us to come in and meet a coach he thought would be a great match for us. He introduced us to Carly Baldwin-Brown.  

Carly worked with us privately for about a month and a half. After making us feel confident in our abilities, she kicked us out of the nest into normal workouts that she modified due to our physical limitations. Carly is a great coach!!  She is always positive and always pushing to get more out of us. Along the way we were starting to meet and workout with very special people, most being half our age. These wonderful people take a little time out of their workouts to pump us up to finish our WOD. The encouraging atmosphere is intoxicating at Elite Crossfit. We have enjoyed making many new friends in the short time we have been going.  

Not only have Pie and I worked with Carly. We have had the great opportunity to work with Annie and Katie. All three coaches have the best attitudes and are very knowledgeable and helpful. They keep us going!