Gary and I are in our 50’s and have been married for 23 years. We have always been somewhat active, but getting older has made us want to keep ourselves in the best shape ever so that we can keep our healthy active lifestyle into our future. Gary has always been an athlete. He was in baseball in high school, a runner and an avid cyclist since college. Me on the other hand, I never played sports in school and have never been considered an athlete. In college I took a few classes such as ballet and karate, but never really stayed focused to continue any sport. After college I started running to keep in shape, but my focus wasn’t really about my health it was about losing calories. When I met Gary I really started to focus on increasing my fitness level – He was always cycling and I would run to maintain some level activity. Training at Elite has been life- changing. Gary and I joined Elite about 5 years ago and it has been the best decision we ever made for overall health and fitness goals. The intense workouts and training are incredible demanding, but the coaches are encouraging and empowering and we can now finish a WOD without killing ourselves (although we feel like dying at the end of one). We are more confident with our athletic abilities (especially for me) and feel an unbelievable sense of accomplishment after a class. The coaches are exceptional! They focus on our strengths and our weakness and concentrate on what will work for each of us. Gary and I strive to become better athletes and with the support of our coaches and our friends at Elite we have no doubt we will get there!!!

It has been difficult for Gary and me these last 2 years, Gary lost his mother 2 years ago and I lost my father last August – our focus is to work on ourselves and revisit our priorities. Our health will be our #1 priority both - physical and mental. Our family and friends are there as well. Our adventures will include travelling with family and friends and spending as much time with our 3 German Sheppard’s. We are looking for warm beachy locations this summer to relax and recover mentally.

Gary and I often dream about having the resources to go anywhere and do whatever we want - The funny thing is that we are already doing everything we want to do – travelling, spending time with family and friends and especially for me SHOPPING!!!

Retirement is right around the corner for Gary, he plans on a 2nd career in teaching. I plan on doing mental health counseling for as long as I can -