How has training at Elite helped you become the person you were meant to be?

Elite’s training (and ultimately the community behind it) gave me the reality check I needed to get on a journey to be the best version of myself. When I first started at Elite, I was in a rough /delusional place with multiple aspects of my life, and the top one was ultimately my health and fitness. Once I started taking the training seriously a few months in, I started learning new things about myself, my health, my strength and capabilities that I don't think I would have figured out if it wasn't for Elite. While I am still on the journey to be the best version of myself, I have realized that in all facets of life that you are your only roadblock to success... as long as you show up, leave your ego at the door, put in your best effort and take it one day at a time, the results will speak for themselves. I am excited about continuing to see the results that bring me closer to the person I am meant to be.

What adventures, events, trips, races do you have planned?

This April, I am headed up to Fredericksburg for a wine trip, this summer I am going to Puerto Rico and the fall has me headed to Nashville. I also am trying to squeeze in a trip to Pheonix within the next few months. 

I plan on helping at Elite’s events throughout the rest of the year, POSSIBLY competing at June Jorts and definitely competing at Winter Wonder Wod – that one is my jam! I'm also competing at the Cinco de Mayo Classic with Chelsie and am super pumped because she is an amazing person who inspires me to do better and push myself!

Other adventures include celebrating friends and family(weddings, graduations, etc) throughout the year, which I am super excited about!

What would you do and where would you go if time / money were not object?

I have never been outside of the United States- the furthest I have been is Puerto Rico, so if time and money were no object, I would travel to places on my bucket list. This list includes places like Bali, Thailand, Tokyo, Paris, London, Rome, Greece, etc.. There is so much to explore in this world and I want to be able to take in as much of it as I can in my lifetime. I’ve also never been to any Disney park so that’s on the bucket list too.


Fitness – compete in the intermediate/RX division at any of Elite’s in-house competition…and also to get Sydney Harrell to compete with me! Some other ones I have are more around PR numbers: Hit a 100lb snatch, run 400M without stopping, 20” box jump…I just want to overall continue to get better! I know with the coaches and community that we have though that these goals will be checked off sooner than I think they will and then it will be on to the next ones!

Professional – make it a year at H-E-B and hopefully the rest of my career as well. Also to get my Project Management Certification is a 5 year goal of mine, but fingers crossed I get it sooner!

Personal – get a masters degree, buy a house and get better with my nutrition. And get out to Phoenix to meet my precious nephew! 

Something that most people don’t know about me:

While I don’t always pay complete attention and read what’s on the board for the WOD, I absolutely love reading. I am a bookworm and to have a fully stocked book room is on my list for my dream house (think the library scene in Beauty & the Beast but sans the castle).