How has training at Elite helped you become the person you were meant to be?

Growing up I was always 100% involved in sports, I was that super competitive “sports

are life” kid. So when I found Elite in 2014 I instantly knew Cross Fit was going to allow me to

continue to be competitive and have an active lifestyle. I had a little bit of a rough start here,

tearing my ACL playing volleyball almost immediately after I was finished with fundamentals. I

was terrified to come back to all this high impact training, but I am so glad I did because the

coaches were AMAZING in helping with my recovery, getting back to where I started and

helping me rebuild my confidence. Throughout the years training with Elite has helped me

become a lot more confident in myself for sure and I know this is where I am meant to be. I also

love this community of friends that I now have because I look up to a lot of them and the healthy

and fun lifestyles that they live and it helps keep me on track to a healthier lifestyle for myself.

Training here at Elite has made me feel like I am a healthier, more fun and open version of


What adventures, events, trips, races do you have planned?

Oh man, I wish I was the trip planning type (except for Colorado every January, that’s a

given ). But I like to keep everyone (including myself) on their toes about where I’m heading

next. I love to travel and explore and I am always ready for a getaway, so who wants to go on

vacation? I’ll be there!

I do have a couple events planned this year though, including Power Hour competition in

June. I’m also looking forward to competing in Power Output, and of course Winter Wonder


What would you do and where would you go if time / money were not object?  

If time and money were not an object I would hands down go on an adrenaline/adventure

tour. I’m talking Cape Town to cage dive with the Great White Sharks, swimming with whales,

kayaking with the Orcas (which my parents did without me, RUDE!). Finding all of the tallest

bungee jumps, hiking to cool suspension bridges, and finding the wildest roller coasters! When

we were growing up we used to watch this show on the Travel Channel and they would do tours

of all the craziest roller coasters in the world and they all looked so cool, I’ve always wanted to

do that.



Fitness goals, well, muscle up. I am so close! Also, I just want to continue progressing in

my fitness, getting better at gymnastics, getting stronger with the barbell, being a well-rounded


 Professional –

I have a few 5, 10, etc. year goals set for myself professionally, which include finishing

up my master’s degree in Business Admin., and also completing my Project Management

Professional cert. by the end of this year. I enjoy where I’m at, there’s a lot of room for growth

and I love that!

Personal -

One of the personal goals I have set for myself (which can kind of fit in with professional

goals as well) is to eventually start flipping houses as a side gig. I’m a lover of all things crafty

and absolutely fell in love with being able to design the interior of a home. Now that my home

renovation is complete, I am so ready to start a new project!

Something that most people don’t know about me:

I said earlier that I would go cage diving with Great White Sharks, which seems

absolutely crazy, but I have always been fascinated with sharks and marine life. I used to want

to be a Marine Biologist when I was growing up. But I am terrified of the ocean so that didn’t work out too well.