Designed for the beginner and intermediate athlete, this competition features a 2 men/2 women team format. Whether this is your first Functional Fitness Competition or you are a salty pro, our event is designed to challenge each team to work together efficiently and most of all, have fun!

When: 2/16/19
Where: Elite CrossFit, 16719 Pawlin Dr Selma TX 78154
What: Beginner fitness competition 
Who: 40 teams of four athletes, two men and two women.
Host: Elite CrossFit 
Fee: $300
V-Day Massacre will consist of ONLY 40 teams this year!


Screenshot 2019-01-17 at 12.33.03 PM.png

In order to secure a spot, teams will be required to make NON-REFUNDABLE deposit equal to 50% of the cost of one team. The balance will be due in full no later than 1/16/19 along with team shirt sizes or the team will lose both the deposit and their registration. Teams may also pay in full for registration.

Team must register no later than 1/31/19 in order to guarantee accurate shirt sizes for that team.


If you are interested in judging please register at the link below.


Workout #1:
For Time in Male/ Female Pairs
Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees
Partner Deadlifts 255lbs
Pair 1: 21-15-9
Then immediately
Pair 2: 9-15-21
Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees   
Partner Deadlifts 255lbs

Workout #2:
15’ AMRAP: Female and Male Pairs (F/F and M/M)
30 Clean and Jerk
Partners alternate every 5 reps
Pairs alternate every 30 reps
Load increase each round.
Female: 65-75-85-95-105
Male: 95-115-125-135-155

Workout #3:
For Time as Team
100 Single Unders relay
100 Hanging Knee Raises
100 Wall Ball 20/14 to 10’ target
75 Single Unders relay
75 Hanging Knee Raises
75 Wall Ball 20/14 to 10’ target
50 Single Unders relay
50 Hanging Knee Raises
50 Wall Ball 20/14 to 10’ target
*Each partner completes single unders
**Hanging knee raises and wall balls and divided by team as desired with no maximum or minimum requirements


1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100

*Must have 30 teams registered

All four teammates for the three podium teams will receive the following items from our generous partners.

Jump Rope: Mute Sports Equipment

Gift Certificates for cryotherapy session: CryoFit San Antonio Alamo Heights

Gift Certificates: Rock’s Discount Vitamins

Gift Certificates for Swag: Infinite Alchemy Gear

Gift Certificates: Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee

Gift Certificate for float session: Isofloat San Antonio

Gift Certificates: Alamo Botanicals

Gift Certificates: Ivy Hydro Pros


Event Schedule (TENTATIVE)
7:00am Event Set Up
7:45am Athlete Briefing
8:30am-2:30pm Workouts
3:00pm Awards

Spectator Entry: $5, Kids 12 and under are FREE

Parking will be FREE but limited on Pawlin Dr. Please plan to carpool. A map for additional parking will be provided.

Athlete Services
There will be a team of providers from Stratton Sport and Spine on site but only for INJURY ASSESSMENT AND TAPING.

Tent City
There will be space available for tents for teams and spectators on the backside of the facility.

There will be four portable restrooms (two male and two female) at the south side of the venue.

Athlete Warm Up Area
There will be a designated athlete warm up and staging area for all events. The area will also have space for mobility. This area is for athletes only and preferably, athletes in the upcoming heats.


For more information about becoming a partner at V Day Massacre or information about Vendor booths, please contact us.


Workout #1:

Partner Deadlifts

The barbell will be loaded unevenly with two 45lb plates on each side and two 15lb plates on the men’s side. The deadlift begins with the barbell on the ground and finishes when the athletes stand the weight to full extension of the knees and hips, with their heads and shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement. The athletes may choose any grip they like, but their feet must be inside their hands, and they may not cross their arm over their partner’s arm. No sumo stances are permitted. Any repetition that is bounced will not count. The partners cannot face opposite directions when completing the deadlifts; both athletes must stand on the same side of the barbell.

Bar-Facing Burpees/Synchronized Bar-Facing Burpees

Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. The athletes’ heads cannot be over the barbell. The pair must hold the bottom position together with their chests and thighs touching the ground. They must then jump over the barbell from both feet and land on two feet. One-footed jumping, landing or stepping over is not permitted. The athletes do not have to jump their feet back and forward in the Burpee.

Workout #2:

Clean and Jerk

This is a standard clean of any variation (power, split or full) from the ground to the shoulders. The barbell begins on the ground. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing. The barbell must come up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully extended and the elbows in front of the bar. For the jerk, each rep begins with the barbell on the shoulders and finishes with the weight fully locked out overhead and over the middle of the body. Any variation is allowed (press, push press, power jerk, or split jerk).

Workout #3:

Single Unders

This is the standard single-under in which the rope passes completely under the feet once for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count.

Wall Ball

In the wall-ball shot, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below the knee, and thrown to hit the specified target. The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. If the ball hits low or does not hit the target, it is a no rep.

Hanging Knee Raises

In the hanging knee-raise, the athletes must go from a full hang. At the start of each rep, the arms must be fully extended and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and behind the body. For a rep of the hanging knee-raise to count, the athlete must have their knees above the creases of their hips.