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July! Summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere -- for many of us this will mean some more time outside, enjoying the weather, and taking some of your fitness & activity with you! We will also push you outside the walls of the gym a little more with the addition of some more running and outdoor warm-ups. Get ready to get some sun!

You may have noticed a "Not For Time" workout in June. This will again appear one time in July. The thought process here is to completely pull back from the focus on intensity for (1) workout a month and focus squarely on intentional movement and practice. The reason is twofold...1.) We will slow down a little to be able to more effectively connect the mind to the muscle...slow down, move with purpose, build up; and 2.) We take all the workout stress off for that particular day to allow for a different score, no grade, just move. If you're skeptical, try it and see how you will be a welcome break whether you think you need it or not!

We feel strongly that 1x/month this type of "NFT" workout will be effective in providing an opportunity to focus more on movement, less on time and prove valuable in creating a more relaxed atmosphere. The fault of any program is routine. We always go "for time"...that is a routine. We are going to break that  up 1x/month and see the result that follows. Have a great month!