A) 15' emom

1. 10-12 Butterfly Sit Ups

2. 10-12 Bumper Plate Push Ups 25/15

3. 10-12 Overhead Walking 25/15 
B) In pairs,Row 2k for time While partner 1 rows, partner 2 performs clean and jerk 115/75. Score is time and reps


Some of the movements for this year's June Jorts in house competition! Check out the movements as they pertain to each division. Better come to class and practice!


Elite/ Standard/ Scaled and Masters

1. Triple Unders/ Double Unders/ Single Unders

2. Strict HSPU/ Kipping HSPU/ Strict Barbell Press

3. Pistols, Loaded Lunges, Lunges

4. Ring Muscle Ups, Bar Muscle Ups (C2B Pull Ups) / Pull Ups (Jumping C2B Pull Ups) *for these, athletes may select the next lower option but do more reps. More details once workouts are released.

Don't fear these movement, we will have you prepared. We hope you appreciate use challenging you. We promise the workouts will all be fun-ISH!

SUNDAY 5/8/16

FRIDAY 5/6/16