MONDAY 8/22/16


Warm Up with 1 Round of:

10 Butterfly Sit Ups

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Archer Rocks

5 Upper Body STRICT Pull (Ring Row, Pull Ups, etc)

5 Upper Body STRICT Push (Perfect Push Ups, Dips, HSPU, etc)

A) close grip bench press

10, 8, 6, 4, 2; rest 2'

B1) 1-arm DB Bench Press with bridge

8/arm; rest 60sec 

B2) DB bent torso row heavy; 8/arm; rest 60sec x 3

C) 6' EMOM 2-3 Bar Muscle Ups

Scale to band, or Pull Up Varation

if scaling to a ring row or vertical pull, 

perform 2 tough reps w/ 2222 tempo and 3 Kipping Swings


TUESDAY 8/23/16

SUNDAY 8/21/16