SATURDAY 12/9/17


We will be closed today for our in house event, Winter Wonder WOD VII. Come watch 8:30am-12:00pm!

HERE is the Heat List and Schedule.

Workout #1
For Time: 10:00 CAP
75 Power Snatches
Elite/ Standard/ Masters 40-49: 75/55
Scaled/ Masters 50+: 55/35
Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member was killed February 7 in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Simmons' wife and two children.

Workout #2
5 Rounds for Time: 20:00 CAP
5 Curtis P’s (1 Hang "Squat" Clean, 1 lunge per leg, 1 Push Press)
10 KB Swings
15 Wall Ball
Elite/ Standard/ Masters 40-49: 95/65, 53/35, 20/14 to 10 foot target
Scaled/ Master’s 50+: 75/45, 35/25, 14/10 to 9 foot target

Workout #3
For Time: 15:00 CAP
Run 50m out and back
50 Pull ups
Run 50m out and back
Farmer Walk 100m out and back
Run 50m out and back
20 Med Ball Over Shoulder
Run 50m out and back
50’ Handstand walk
Run 50m out and back

Elite: Chest to Bar, 70/53 per hand, 100/60
Standard/ Masters 40-49: Chin Above Bar, 70/53 per hand, 100/60
Scaled/ Master’s 50+: Jumping Chest to Bar (Open Standard), 53/35 per hand, 60/40
*all divisions accept Elite may substitute 10 Wall Walk for Handstand Walking. The athlete must make the request at or before check in on the morning of 12/9/17.

SUNDAY 12/10/17

FRIDAY 12/8/17