MONDAY 5/1/17


Your Elite CrossFit coaches have dialed in a nutrition challenge. The date for the workshop will be 5/6/17 at 10:00am at our Selma location with the challenge running 5/20/17-7/14/17.

Key words for workouts the next few weeks; Strength, Functional Bodybuilding, General Conditioning

A) back squat @30X0 4x5 rest 2' pick weight and stay with it B) 10' EMOM

odds 10 burpees

evens - 5 Power Snatch TnG cap load at 135/95

C1) 6-8 Pendlay Row row rest 45"

C2) 20 front rack walk lunge rest 45"

C3) 10 strict pullups rest 90" x 3 sets

TUESDAY 5/2/17

SUNDAY 4/30/17