MONDAY 1/5/18


Warm Up

3’ easy bike/ Row you choose

Leg Swings [front-to-back and side-to-side] x10/each direction

Fire Hydrant Circles x10/side each direction

Shoulder Circles x10/side each direction

Single Leg Glute Bridge x10/leg

Lunge Matrix 2x/side

Scap Pushups x10

Deadbugs 10 reps/side w/3sec exhale on lowering of leg

A) Clean to Thruster begin at 50% of Clean (full squat) weight, at the top of each minute increase by 10/5 until heavy single. 

B) Weighted Pull Up 3-2-1 rest as needed. If no Strict Pull Up, perform 3-2-1 with partner assistant at feet maintaining hollow body.

C) Jackie  

For Time  

1k Row  

50 Thrusters 45/35

30 Pull Ups or scale to jumping Chest to Bar  (only option as this should be fast and painful!) 

TUESDAY 2/6/18

SUNDAY 1/4/18