B.S. in Nutritional Sciences - Texas A&M University
M.S. in Dietetics - Sam Houston State University

Registered Dietitian
Licensed Dietitian
CrossFit Level 1

Email: kemah03@gmail.com

 How did you become a part of Elite CrossFit?

The box I originally belonged to was closing, so I shopped around for a new CrossFit home and didn't like any of them until I got to Elite. The facility, members, programming, and atmosphere were unlike any of the other places I had tried. It was competitive, but friendly; intense, but fun; humbling, but motivating. I joined in September 2015 and have loved being a part of the Elite community ever since!

How has training/coaching at Elite helped you become the person you were meant to be?

I think coaching has helped me grow both as an athlete/learner and as an instructor. As an athlete, it has helped me to realize my limitations and that I can scale a workout without feeling like I'm shortchanging myself. As I've grown in my confidence as a coach, I feel that I'm getting better at teaching others more effectively. It has also shown me that I can learn from everyone (coaches or not) and that they may have better insight into certain aspects of movements than I do.

Something that most people don’t know about me:

I got to workout next to George H.W. Bush when I was a student at Texas A&M. He came into the student Rec Center with two Secret Service guys (earpieces, suits, and all), sat down on a bike next to me, then started mumbling about how he couldn't "Get the damned thing to work!" I was too afraid to try and help a former U.S. President figure out a piece of cardio equipment, so I stared straight ahead as I biked and pretended to be oblivious to who was sitting next to me. Luckily, two guys (much braver than I) stepped in and helped him.