Bachelor Degree in Social Psychology and Associates in Police Science
Crossfit Level 1...about to pursue Level 2.


How did you become a part of Elite CrossFit?

- I was looking for something different other than going to a regular gym and doing the same routine. I attended a leadership course for the military in 2011 and they were testing out CROSSFIT style workouts. It won me over! I had to find a Crossfit gym...that is when I found Elite Crossfit and never looked back.

How has training/coaching at Elite helped you become the person you were meant to be?

Training: While continuing to serve in the Air Force Reserves and currently a full time Firefighter for the city of San Antonio. I need to be in my best physical/mental state. Plus, it feels good knowing in able to keep up with the hard-charging youth.

Coaching: I love helping people and seeing them hit their full potential! Nothing makes me happier (other than my wife & son) than seeing a smile on someones face after they are able to accomplish something they never thought they could.

Overall, I feel Crossfit has pushed me to be a better person. That is in the gym, at work and my home life!

Something that most people don’t know about me:

- I’m scared of bugs...well, I really don’t like bugs!