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In September, we will take the first few weeks to catch our breaths after 5 weeks of testing benchmarks. In the first half of September you can expect a lot of fun workouts and less of a focus on "testing" or "benchmarks" -- relax, have fun, and work hard! In the second half of September we will move into 4-5 weeks of an Olympic Lifting cycle as well as revisiting some of our favorite historic CrossFit Open workouts. These workouts will be a snapshot of what we think were some of the best tests of overall fitness. The cool part about testing these now is there shouldn't be any real stress associated with these Open retests. Members and coaches will be able to get creative, try new strategies, or figure out some new movements. Through these weeks, we will build progressively in the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch while at the same time starting some very early Open prep. After we build and test, we will work over the course of 3 months toward building capacity and sharpening skills in preparation for the 2019 Open. We are very excited about what's coming for you!