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Thank you to everyone that nominated Elite CrossFit for best Gym and CrossFit in San Antonio!  We made it to the final five and voting is now open. Now through June 29th voting is open and you can vote once per day and make sure Elite CrossFit takes first place! Below is the link for voting! We would appreciate it if you would vote for us everyday! There are some other great categories to vote for as well while you are there.  Both Gym and CrossFit are in the category, around town.
Thank you again!


Welcome to June, ladies & gents! Over the last two months you should have noticed a slight (very slight!) shift in the programming. We feel strongly that come September our members will see significant improvement in our tests and overall fitness. Many people are already getting fitter, faster, and stronger.

One of the aspects of our programming is that we wanted to highlight in June is the inclusion of some ‘less common’ movements in our warmups, skills, and workouts. For example -- single arm alternating KB strict press, single leg RDL, uneven loaded suitcase DL, tempo bent over row, etc....the list of movements is really endless when you think about it. Who says we have to only be locked into push press and pvc pass throughs? We’ve seen a tremendous response from our coaches and members that these movements, patterns, and paces have re-invigorated their fitness. Here’s the goal...keep challenging ourselves and our members, experiment with new movements but most of all...HAVE FUN! You will notice tempo, unilateral, odd object, and other less common movements...these all have tremendous value in and of themselves. They also have amazing carry over into practicing the sound mechanics and getting consistent with those mechanics. But perhaps most of all they breathe newness into our program. We are keeping it fun, keeping it interesting, and staying ahead of the curve. Have a fantastic month!