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How did you become a part of Elite Crossfit?

I met Jeremy in the fall of 2009 through my BFF and Elite resident-nutritionist, Jeff Heileson. Jeremy was hosting Fight Gone Bad, and between the crowd, the energy, and his angelic presence I was hooked. I mean it. He glowed . I began working out with the Elite OG's (including the gorgeous Cortez family) in the UIW rec center, and 9 weeks later Jeremy, Jeff, and I competed at the Crossfit Sectionals, a precursor to the Open, where I amateurishly stanky-legged a half-dozen people off a wall during a (attempted) handstand push-up. After a few more competitions---including a notorious shoe-less lap in Houston---I began coaching at Elite in the winter of 2010 until I went into the Army the following March. I continued to coach while in Fort Hood at an all-volunteer gym. I was medically discharged from the Army in December, 2015, with the intention to move to San Antonio to be back near the Elite community and those beautiful Tuckers and Cortezes. I did so in 2017, and just when I was ready to coach again Jeremy asked if I could take Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 & 7pm. Oh, and not to brag but also be his daughter's emergency contact! 

How has training/coaching at Elite helped you become the person you were meant to be?

I don't know in terms of “meant to be,” but let's get deep. I started doing Crossfit because it had a whiteboard; I wanted to be the best at this and that so others could see. It was a big advantage being fit while in the Army and it gave me the only bit of credibility a young infantry officer can have. But, once I injured my back (non- Crossfit related) and had surgery, my competing and vanity days ended and coaching became my little sanctuary. 

I love being a coach. For two hours, twice a week, I get to be in a position to get people excited about themselves. About what they're doing, have done, and can (and WILL) do. About their newly-found confidence that'll spread into all of their life nooks and crevices. Coaching at Elite gives me purpose a 
and a feeling of contribution. Before, I hadn't had that in quite some time. 

Something that most people don't know about me:

As a coach, I'm a tad unorthodox. Goofy comments and goofier dancing. I likely come across as a gregarious personality. This was the case eight or nine years ago, but now I'm a social recluse----a Netflix and cuddle-with-my-two-cats kind of person. The first time my fiancee, Joredanne, saw me visit my Crossfit family five years ago was an eye-opener for her. She had never seen me so excited and talkative nor believed the Corey stories she heard. I still have my issues, but being a coach is a big help for my psyche. 

I also like a lot of gangsta rap. And sweets. All the sweets.